Commercial Services

Outdoor Commercial Space

The Bodi Group can help your corporate office create a stunning outdoor space. If you’ve been planning for a communal  outdoor oasis or a subtle touch of class, then it’s time to call The Bodi Group. Let us help you design the outdoor commercial space you have in mind. Whether you’re
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Pressure Washing

The Bodi Group  offers commercial pressure washing services. A commercial cleaning service is an ideal way to keep your business looking fresh and inviting. When the concrete on your building shows its age, call The Bodi Group. We have the know-how when it comes to using effective sur
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Landscape lighting is an efficient and effective way to accent any outdoor space. With the flick of a switch, you can instantly have your commercial area go from dark to defined. The Bodi Group are aware of the effects strategically placed lighting can have on any outdoor space. Hire
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Landscape Irrigation

A well thought out irrigation plan is as important as the landscape plan. Existing systems are often times able to be tuned up or modified with out replacing the entire system. Time clocks have exciting new features and wireless rain sensors are a must. Some business owners even elect
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Retaining Walls

Don’t let uneven terrain hold you back from having the yard you’ve always dreamed of. Call The Bodi Group when you need to straighten out messy yard areas. Our team of experts are more than supportive – pardon the pun – when it comes to ensuring you have the correct retaining wall for
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Brick Pavers

Brick pavers have become a highly requested alternative to concrete when creating and or expanding new outdoor living areas. In considering Brick pavers and hardscaping as part of your overall plan consider as well other features such as fountains, fire pits and retaining walls. Think
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