Thinking about extending your covered patio or adding a gazebo?

In considering brick pavers and hardscaping as part of your overall plan, consider as well other features such as fountains, fire pits and retaining walls. Think about how you live and want to use the space!

The use of concrete pavers is becoming more and more popular in North America. Not only are they practical, stylish and affordable, when installed properly they can be virtually maintenance free and can last as long as your home.

Concrete pavers are an excellent alternative for high-traffic areas. They make a solid sidewalk, patio area or driveway as their strength and durability outlasts many other alternative materials.

The professional installers at The Bodi Group are experts in their field and understand the long-term possibilities of properly installed concrete pavers. Show us the places around your home that you would like to have redone and we will work with you to find a design and texture that works for you.

If you have a soil pathway that could use a little direction, or a sidewalk that constantly cracks, the folks at The Bodi Group can help. For years we’ve been installing concrete pavers and, with our knowledge and skills, can help you solve your cracking and uneven walkway problems for good.

At The Bodi Group, we offer services with concrete pavers that include:

With so many shapes and colors, patterns, designs and sizes, it could be a challenge to choose which type best suit your needs. Let us at The Bodi Group help you. Aside from design and colors, we can also recommend slip resistance pavers in high traffic areas and attractive finishes in others that will accent your new walkways.

One of the greatest assets to installing pavers is that they can be replaced one paver at a time. Unlike other walkways such as concrete, it is not necessary to lift or remove the entire piece to adjust, fix or install a new paver. Simply contact The Bodi Group and we’ll have your new paver pieces replaced in no time.

For an easy, affordable and durable walkway or driveway, contact The Bodi Group for a consultation today.


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