If you find too many of your summer holidays are spent lugging around the garden hose or trying to mend together multiple hoses for a little extra reaching power, it’s time to call The Bodi Group.

For professionally installed landscape irrigation systems, the good folks at The Bodi Group can help you wind that hose up for good.

Since each area demands its own watering requirements, it’s important to understand the climate where you live to gain a better understanding of your watering needs. Here at The Bodi Group, we’ve been successfully installing irrigation systems for 35 years and know what it takes to keep your plant material and lawn areas growing year after year.

When you hire The Bodi Group, we will explain irrigation designs, time clock options as well as make certain you understand how the sprinklers work. Knowing this will ensure you get full enjoyment out of your professionally installed irrigation system. While we’re there, ask us about how you can save water by installing a professional irrigation system.

Did you know that more than 7 billion gallons of water is used each day in the United States for residential outdoor use? That's a lot of water!

Here at The Bodi Group we can help solve the problem of wasted water by explaining your watering options and ensuring the best choice that works for you.

Whether you live in a region that is prone to drought or in a region where higher levels of precipitation are a common occurrence, we will work with you each step of the way to ensure that no matter what type of watering system you require, we will be able to help.
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