Here at The Bodi Group we know exactly where to help you start your project – at the beginning with a proper design. As simple as this may sound, taking your ideas and implementing them into the space you have to work with and the budget you have in mind will give you a great perspective on your options and what the finished product may look like.

With that in mind, we at The Bodi Group are experts in our field of landscape design and installation.

We will work with you every step of the way to have your landscaping idea from paper to application in no time.

We are familiar with local plant material and hardscapes including patio walkways and retaining walls as well as irrigation and landscape lighting.

When you decide to landscape, ask yourself a few questions first. The most important question is how you want to use your outdoor space. Take into consideration things such as storage in the form of a personalized shed, or entertainment, where seating areas and BBQ space make take precedence.

If you’ve moved into a new home that is literally a clean slate, landscaping both the front and back yard areas, as well as any curbsides, will add great appeal to your home. Doing a large job such as an entire home will also see even plant growth and allow you to mix and match your outdoor spaces exactly the way you want.

Landscaping however, is about more than simply planning where trees and grass will grow. Landscaping is also about practical pathway designs, built-in flower boxes and contouring areas for proper drainage. Let’s not forget about the all important lighting as well. You may want to consider what type of lighting you wish to have and where it should be placed. Keep in mind that you should always include some safety lighting for pathways at night as well as bugler deterrence.

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